Google Acquires Lime Audio to Improve Conference Audio

Google has announced that they have acquired Lime Audio to boost their audio performance in Chromebox for Meetings and Google Hangouts.  The acquisition, of which the financial details were not released, will allow Google to improve the audio experience as more customers are turning to video and audio conferencing in their day-to-day operations.

One of the biggest challenges to a great video meeting is the audio quality. Conference rooms today come in all shapes and sizes and that can provide a challenge for acoustics. Additionally, a poor internet connection can hamper voice quality in video conference calls. Limes Audio has been building solutions that remove the distracting noise, distortion and echoes that can affect online video and telephony meetings, improving the overall online conference experience.

Based on the release about the acquisition, Google is going to be incorporating the Lime Audio technology in to Chromebox for Meetings and Google Hangouts.  When or how this will be done was not disclosed.

Like many other non-traditional conferencing players, Google is pushing to be the answer for their customers, particularly their GSuite customers.  By providing a conference room solution in

Chromebox for Meetings

Chromebox for Meetings

Chromebox for Meetings, GSuite customers can schedule rooms and conferences right from within Google Calendar, making it easy to use and setup.

There is no indication on when the Lime Audio technology will make it into Google’s products but it is likely to be within the first half of 2017 based on previous acquisitions.

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