Spotify Hits The 50 Million Paid Subscriber Mark

The streaming music Spotify continues to grow, passing the 50 million paid subscriber mark this week.  The news came via company’s official Twitter account yesterday and is a good indicator of the popularity of the $9.99 per month service.

The number of paid subscribers is across all platforms and includes Android as well as iOS.

For fans of the service, the news is welcome as it shows stability in the company with an estimated $500 million coming in each month.  It also shows

Spotify for Android

Spotify for Android

Spotify is resilient in the face of ever increasing competition from the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft and other streaming services like Pandora.  The company also offers a family plan for $14.99 that allows up to 5 members of a family to have the premium service.

Additionally, the team over at Android Central posted that some subscribers are getting the opportunity to test a new lossless audio quality.  It comes at an additional cost – something that seems to be between $5-10 per month, but it isn’t official just yet.

If you haven’t tried the service and want to give it a go, you can try the Premium service free for 30 days.  Signing up for it can be done right within the app.


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