Google Map Maker Shutdown on March 31st

With the bulk of the editing feature of Google Map Maker now in Google Maps, the company quietly shut down Map Maker last week, on March 31st.  The help page for Map Maker now indicates that the service is no longer available.  The news isn’t entirely a surprise.  Map Maker had been around since 2008 and gave users the ability to add places to Google Maps, edit places and edit road segments amongst other things.  All of those features are in Google Maps now so it somewhat made Map Maker redundant.

On the help page, Google points out that they will continue to brings more features to Google Maps from Map Maker.

There is, of course, no word on when or if those additional features from Google Map Maker will come to Google Maps.  Given that they vast majority of major editing features are in the Maps app already, it could be a long wait for those who are looking for a more obscure feature that is missing.  As a reminder, in Google Maps you can:


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