Huawei Mate 9 Picks Up Google Daydream Support

Joining an ever increasing list of devices that support Google Daydream, the Google VR team have posted via Twitter that the Huawei Mate 9 now supports the Virtual Reality platform that is built into Android Nougat.  This will add the Mate 9 to the list of devices that support Daydream that currently includes the Google Pixel phones, the Moto Z, and ZTE Axon 7.  The update to support Daydream will include the Mate 9 as well as the higher priced Porsche Design version of the 6″ phablet.

The support for Google Daydream will come to the Mate 9 via an OTA update.  When that update will be coming & the size of the update is unclear.  Given that Google has announced this more-or-less, my suspicion is that the pressure is on Huawei to get it out in reasonably short order – likely the next few weeks.  If you have the Mate 9, be sure to check for updates.  Once you have Daydream support, you can use the Google Daydream headset for VR experiences.

The fact that the Mate 9 is picking up Google Daydream support also bodes well for the Chinese manufacture.  The Mate 9 is a perfect device for VR given its screen size of 6″ and it is a fast phone.  You can read my review of it and get my thoughts over all on the phone.  But it also speaks to their commitment to getting the latest features out on their phones.  Huawei, in the past, has been a bit slow in getting updates out to their devices.  That doesn’t appear to be the case any longer.  There have already been three updates to the Mate 9 in the last 3 months while the smaller P10 has also received an update.

If you are curious about what Google Daydream is exactly, check out the Daydream page for more details.

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