Today’s Deal – SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSD for $44.99

Today’s Deal is on the SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSD card.  This card is down to $44.99 on Amazon, a significant savings on this solid performing storage solution.  The card is an 80MB/s throughput which means it will work in virtually any Android device as it can keep up with the device itself when the card is read.  This card also comes with a SD Card adapter so you can read the card in other devices that use that larger form factor.  The card is UHS-I Class 10 card rate so capturing full HD video directly on the card won’t be a problem either as it is fast enough to keep up.

As always, make sure that your Android phone or tablet (or other device) is compatible with this size card.  Some budget phones only will take up to a 64GB card so double-check the specifications of your phone before you purchase Today’s Deal.

If you don’t need a 128GB card or need something larger, there are other great deals right now on SanDisk MicroSD cards.

Regardless of the size card you need, all are eligible for free Amazon Prime shipping if you are a member.

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