Chrome 59 Update for Android Brings Improved Page Loading Times

Just a few days after Chrome 59 was released for desktops, the latest update to Google’s browser is now starting to roll out for Android.  The update is version Chrome 59 (59.0.3071.92) for those keeping score at home and it has been released to the Play Store.  It should hit your devices over the course of the next several days via an OTA update.

While the release notes were limited, there are two improvements that are in this update.  First, overall loading of pages should be improved with this update.  Unfortunately, the Chromium team within Google didn’t quantify just how much faster the page loading happens.  It’s something that you will have to visually check and estimate yourself.

The other big update has to do with the Java Script engine in the browser.  This update decreases the memory load that the engine needs which, in turn, speeds up the browsing experience on your phone.  It isn’t hard to put together that the improvements in browser speed and an updated Java Script engine are likely intertwined.

Look for the update to hit your devices over the course of the next few days.  With this update to Android and earlier this week to the desktop version of the browser, the only remaining major update will be Chrome OS up to version 59.  That should happen at any point now and will likely bring further advancements to that platform (and hopefully Android app support for more devices).

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