Withings Health Mate Now Nokia Health Mate With A Major UI Refresh

Nokia’s acquisition of Withings is now complete and we are starting to see the first changes.  This morning, the Nokia Health Mate app started rolling out to users, updating it from the Withings app under the same name.  The app changes are not just in name or the icon on your Home page.  Nokia has done a major revamp of the UI for the app but all of the features of the Withings app are still there for you to access.

Nokia moved all of the navigation in the app to the bottom, giving you a Home, Dashboard, a Leaderboard for activities you are competing against each other, your devices and your profile.  All of this is wrapped in a beautiful white, Material Design inspired UI that looks much more modern than the last update from Withings.

Functionally, you are not going to find a lot of changes in the Nokia Health Mate app.  This is more-or-less a branding and UI updating exercise by the company although you will find in the Devices section the ability to add the new Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff and Scale that were also announced earlier today.

Nokia has a wide range of health monitoring accessories that connect to your Android phone or iPhone to monitor things like body temperature, blood pressure, weight and they have their own lineup of fitness trackers & watches.  I reviewed the Blood Pressure Cuff back in January of this year and highly recommend it.

If you have the old Withings app installed, the Nokia Health Mate update will be coming to you as an OTA update through the Play Store over the course of the next day or two.

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