Android Nougat Goes Over 10% in Latest Android Distribution Report

Google has released the July Android Distribution Report for the 7 day period ending July 6, 2017.  The report shows that Android Nougat has finally broken through the 10% install base on devices that hit the Play Store during the week, topping out at 11.5%.  That is up 2% from the June report.  While good news, Nougat still lags far behind the top installed version, Marshmallow.  The report shows that Android 6.x was on 31.8% of devices hitting the store, up .6% over the June report.

All other previous versions of Android in the report saw declines in install base month-over month.

  • Android Lollipop:  -.7%
  • Android KitKat:  -.1%
  • Android Jelly Bean:  -.7%
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich:  -.1%
  • Android Gingerbread:  -.1%

In the case of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread, both sit at .7% of install base.  Generally, Google stops counting it when it hits .1% or less so we will likely see these in the next few Android Distribution Reports.

As is normally the case, the figures during the same 7 day period here on are slightly different.  Running Google

July 2017 Android Distribution Report

July 2017 Android Distribution Report

Analytics, 1.75% of you came to the site running Android O while 35.08% of you are running Android Nougat.  The Nougat number dropped 7.7% month-over-month .  Android Marshmallow saw the biggest drop at 12.09%, down to 21.93% of you coming to the site.  Lollipop also dropped but just by 4.61%.

With Android O expected this quarter, the report shows the challenge facing Google in getting manufactures and carriers to update devices.  Hopefully Project Treble will improve the odds for O once it is released.

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