Google Working on an Issue With Google Home and Google Play Music

Google has acknowledged that they are working on a reasonably significant bug between Google Home and Google Play Music.  The issue varies from user-to-user but most are experiencing one of two issues.  First, purchased music is not showing up in their libraries and is not playable.  Second, entire libraries for some artists are not searchable or playable.  What makes it interesting is that if you open up the Google Play Music app and Cast the songs in question to Google Home, they will play.

The issue was discussed in detail in a post in the Google Product Forums for Google Home.  There, users were encouraged to use the Send Feedback feature within the Home app to send detailed information to Google so they can continue to investigate.  Right now, there isn’t a fix available.

If you have been running into this issue between Google Home & Google Play Music, Google is asking that you use the Send Feedback feature with the following information:

  • The keyword: “GHT3 – Uploaded Music”.
  • Brief detailed description of the exact events you’re experiencing.
  • Be sure to check the box for “Include screenshot and logs”

As with all bugs, the more information that Google can collect from users on this issue, the faster they can identify the source of the problem and issue a patch.  Right now, unfortunately, it isn’t clear when that patch will be coming.

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