July Android Security Update Released

As expected with it being the first business day of the month, Google has released the July Android Security update for eligible Nexus and Pixel devices.  The update consists of two patches per the usual.  The first is broader Android fixes and patches for all devices.  It is dated July 1, 2017.  The second patch is more driver specific items for Nexus and Pixel devices which is dated July 5, 2017.  Nexus and Pixel devices will eventually see the July 5th update which is already rolling out and available as full images and OTA images on the Android Developer site.

In the July 1 update, there are 48 total items addressed in these updates, 10 of which are considered critical.  These issues mostly have to do remote code execution and permissions elevations in areas like framework, media framework and libraries.

The July 5 update has a total of 95 fixes with only 1, a Wi-Fi driver patch for Broadcom, being indicated as critical.  The July 5 update consists of fixes for specific component drivers such as Broadcom Wi-Fi, Kernel components, MediaTek and Nvidia components.

You can get a complete rundown of all of the fixes in both patches in the July Android Security update on the AOSP security bulletin page.

Depending on your device and carrier, you will see different build numbers for the July 5 update on Nexus and Pixel devices.  Here is a rundown:

Pixel XL & Pixel

  • NHG47O for Verizon
  • NJH47D for unlock variants
  • NKG47M for T-Mobile and Project Fi
  • NZH54B for Deutsche Telekom

Pixel C

  • N2G48B

Nexus 6P

  • N2G48B

Nexus 5X

  • N2G47Z

Nexus 6

  • N6F27H

Nexus Player

  • N2G48B

Nexus 9

  • N4F27I (LTE/Wi-Fi)
  • N4F27F (Wi-Fi only)

Do note that the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 are on Nougat 7.1.1 while the rest of the lineup is on 7.1.2.

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