HTC States Android Oreo Will Be Coming to The U11 This Year

HTC has been one of the better manufactures at keeping their devices up to date with both security and major updates of Android.  It looks like with Android Oreo, they are going to try to keep that trend going.

In a Tweet earlier this afternoon, HTC’s USA Twitter account has indicated that the U11 will be the first phone from the Taiwanese manufacture to get Oreo and it will be at some point in Q4.

While Q4 2017 is a big window of time, it is still good to see that HTC being up front with their customers to let them know when to roughly expect the update.

It should be noted that the U11 is the only one that HTC indicated would be sorted out on Android Oreo this year.  The U Ultra and HTC 10 will get the update too, but it isn’t likely to be this year.  At least this Tweet from them seems to indicate that fact.

With the release of Oreo earlier this week, several manufactures have indicated it will be coming to their devices.  Along with HTC, Samsung, Sony and Huawei have all indicated that the update will be coming to various phones in their lineups but none outside of HTC have given anything close to a timeline.

For those who are on the Google phones – the Pixel lineup, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P – will have the update already or will be getting it very shortly.

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