Android Nougat Jumps over 2% in The Latest Android Distribution Report

Late yesterday, Google released the latest Android Distribution Report and it is one of the more positive reports in a while.  While Android Oreo did not make its debut in the report, Android Nougat gained 2.3% in overall install base for this month’s report and was the only version of Android that saw gains.

The distribution report looked at devices coming to the Google Play Store for the 7-day period ending September 11, 2017.  For that time, Android Nougat was seen on 15.8% of devices, an increase of 2.3% over the August report.  That makes Nougat third most installed of Android flavors, behind Marshmallow (32.2%) and Lollipop (28.8%).  Nougat jumped ahead of the long loved KitKat version which now sits at 15.1%.  Jelly Bean continues to hang on at 6.9% while Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread continue to fall, both down to just .6% of devices.

While in a perfect world everyone would be running the latest version of Android – in the case of this report, that would be Nougat – it is positive to see older versions of the platform starting to be used less.  As discussed here and many other places, the hope with Android Oreo and Android P is that Project Treble will improve the adoption rate of newer versions of Android.

Android Distribution Report - September 2017

Android Distribution Report – September 2017

As for those of you who visit, the numbers were slightly different for the same reporting period.  Given the predominant content of the site is Android related, this isn’t too big of a surprise.  Android Oreo was on 2.04% of the devices that came to visit the site while Nougat users accounted for 24.49% of the mobile traffic to the site.  That is down sharply some 7% over the August time frame.  Marshmallow users dropped 8.8% to 33.67% but remains the most used version of Android visiting  Lollipop sat at 16.32% while KitKat was at 14.28%.

It is likely that in the October Android Distribution Report we will see Android Oreo make its debut.  Google is pushing the update out to their devices currently and phones with Oreo pre-installed will be hitting the market over the course of September and October.

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