Gmail and Inbox Update Converts Addresses and Phone Numbers to Links

Google is rolling out an update to Gmail and Inbox for both Android and the web that will create links for physical addresses, email addresses and phone numbers that are found in your email messages.  The update is on the fast track which means it should roll out to all users over the course of the next few days.

How it works is pretty straightforward and should save time for users.  If there is a physical address in an email message, the link will take you to Google Maps.  If there is an email address found, the link will open up your default email client and set you up to compose a new email to that address.  Finally, when you are on your Android phone, if there is phone number found, clicking the link will open up your default phone app to place a call to the number.


All of this is pretty basic stuff to be honest.  Microsoft’s Outlook has had similar functionality for a while now so it is good to see Google catching Gmail and Inbox up to having these new features.

As with other updates to Google services, the web portion of the update is already rolling out and you probably can see these new link features in Gmail and Inbox on the web.  I, for one, have them on my account already.  The Android updates and iOS updates will be happening through app updates that should roll out sometime in the next few days to everyone.

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