Google Set to Acquire HTC – or at Least Part of HTC

A lot of leaks and rumors are suggesting that tomorrow we can expect a big announcement between Google and HTC.  That announcement is expected to be that Google will acquire all or some of HTC.  Bloomberg Gadfly reporter Tim Culpan is reporting that trading of the Taiwanese company will halt trading of their stock tomorrow as part of the “major announcement”.

Rumors of the demise of HTC have been swirling for years as the company has struggled to make a firm foundation for itself in the smartphone space.  While they have had some outstanding phones, they have also had plenty that have simply not performed well both in sales and overall usability.  HTC has built phones for Google in the past and is the company behind the upcoming Google Pixel 2.

Adding to the strength that something big is going to happen between Google & HTC tomorrow, Evan Blass is reporting that an employee of HTC sent him an internal memo for an all-hands meeting that had but one topic of discussion.

Mr. Blass is almost always dead on and is a trusted source for leaked information.

It is possible that Google would only be acquiring a small portion of the company, like the Vive VR division.  Google clearly has a desire to further VR and AR with Vive doing very well in the marketplace.

Ultimately, by the time those of us in the US wake up in the morning, we will have a much clearer picture of what is happening between the companies.

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