HMD Global Confirms All Nokia Phones Will Get Android Oreo

Good news! HMD Global has confirmed that all of the Android running Nokia devices – the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 – will be receiving the Android Oreo update.

The new came from Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas via Twitter over the weekend.

This announcement is great new for every Nokia owner, especially those who have the lower priced Nokia 3.  Often, manufactures will not update their entry level devices to the next major version of Android in favor of focusing in on their midrange and flagship devices.

While Mr. Sarvikas gave no specifics on dates or timings, it is likely that the Nokia 8 and Nokia 6 will get the update first (that’s their top end devices) and that could happen as early as the end of 2017.  It is likely that the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 will see the update in the early part of 2018.  That, however, is my educated guess based on other manufactures and how they roll out these types of updates.  Since Oreo is the first release for HMD Global, they could be faster or slower.

Time will tell.

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