Motorola Confirms Android Oreo Upgrades for Majority of Current Devices

Another key manufacture of Android devices, Motorola, has confirmed that a wide swath of their phones over the past year and a bit will be receiving the Android Oreo update.  The news came through the company’s blog and it has a nice list of devices from late 2016 through today that are going to eventually be upgraded to the latest version of Android.  The question, as always, is when.  The announcement indicated “this Fall” but for the majority of the devices, it will likely be 2018.

Here is the list of devices that will be upgraded to Android Oreo

  • moto z
  • moto z Droid
  • moto z Force Droid
  • moto z Play
  • moto z Play Droid
  • moto z2 Play
  • moto z2 Force Edition
  • moto x4
  • moto g5
  • moto g5 Plus
  • moto g5S
  • moto g5S Plus

Interestingly, the Moto G4 and G4 Plus are not going to be upgraded.

There is no explanation provided in the blog post as to why the G4 phones won’t be getting Oreo.  They are within the support timeframe for updates provided by Google so it is a bit of a mystery.  Given the popularity of the G4 lineup, this will be disappointing for owners.

Finally, Motorola did not indicate which phones would be getting Oreo first but it is likely they will upgrade newer devices first (like the G5 and Z2 Force) before they update older devices or devices locked to carriers like the Z Force Droid.

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