Google Extends Warranty on Pixel 2 to Two Years

The release of the Google Pixel 2 lineup should have gone much better.  The phones were highly touted, packed with a lot of power and Artificial Intelligence.  But it hasn’t been a smooth road.  Users of the phones started reporting screen issues, popping sounds and other issues with the flagship devices.  Google, who began investigating the issues immediately, has now indicated their plan to address the issues.

First, the Pixel 2 lineup will come with a two year warranty.  This is to put people at ease when considering the phone and is one of the longest warranties out there for a smartphone.  Google clearly thinks that the phone’s operations and design are fine and are backing it up.

Second, Google plans to address the popping sound and some of the screen items through software updates.  Those should start rolling out as soon as November.  But it should be said that when Google explained the display issue in their Product Forums, it didn’t satisfy everyone.  The reality is, Google’s response and how they plan to address the issue is spot-on.

The color gamut that Google uses on their new phones and the inherent color shifting that happens on OLED displays explains a lot of why users are seeing residual artifacts and a blue shift when they hold the phone at an angle.  For OLED displays, this is normal but may be more pronounced on the Pixel 2 phones because of the wide gamut used.  Google intends to address this through software, likely “calming down” the gamut a bit so the blue shifting isn’t as noticeable.

Look for these updates to start rolling out soon.  The question for you who have the new phones, does this satisfy you?  Do you think there is a bigger inherent problem or, conversely, have you not seen or heard of any of these issues on your phone?

Drop a comment and let me know.

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