Chrome OS Update to Chrome 63 Now Rolling Out

After the release of Chrome 63 for Android and desktop browsers, Chrome OS is now getting the treatment.  Chrome OS build 63.0.3239.86 (Platform version: 10032.71.1) was released last yesterday (December 15, 2017) and will be coming to the majority of Chromebooks over the course of the next few days.  Google did not release a specific list of devices that were not getting the update.

Oddly, Google did not release any details on what is improved or new in this update.  The only statement in the announcement is that it contains “a number of bug fixes and security updates”.  That could well mean that the focus is simply on overall stability but it is likely that, like the desktop browser, the Flags page is now in Material Design.

I have not received the update this morning but will verify any changes in an update to this post as I find them.

As always, you can simply wait for the update to be pushed to your Chromebook by Google or you can force the issue.  To force it, type chrome://help in the omnibar and it will go and seek out the updated build.

With the release of this update, it now means that the platform version of Chrome as well as the desktop and mobile versions are all on Chrome 63 in the stable channel.  But, as you would expect, Chrome 64 is already in the beta channel and will be bringing more advanced pop-up blocking amongst other improvements.  You can expect that update to hit your Chromebook within the next couple of months.

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