The Pixel Check for Update Button is Broken Again

Remember back in September when I posted about the fact that the Check for Update button on Google Pixel and Nexus devices actually worked?  Like, it actually looked at the cloud where phone images live, did a stare-and-compare of what was there versus what was on your phone, and would immediately download it to your phone.  It was cool for the few minutes it worked.

No, it is not your imagination.  It is broken.

Googler Elliott Hughes has taken to his Google+ account to update everyone that the feature is broken due to an API incompatibility.  It will get fixed but it won’t be until 2018.

In his post on G+, Elliott points out that a subsequent update to Google Play Services introduced the API incompatibility between the System Update code and the Checkin code.  That’s what broke things.

There are in my view two positives to take from this.  First, the problem has been identified and that can be a majority of the battle.  Second, and perhaps better news, it appears that internal to Google the issue is fixed based on Elliott’s post.  That means it is likely going to be part of the January or February 2018 updates for the Pixel and Nexus lineup.

So, for now, you can mash that Check for update button all you want and it won’t really do you much good.  Just like old times.  😉

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