Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Gets December Android Security Update

The venerable Samsung Galaxy Note 5 keeps on keeping on.  Samsung today has released an update for the 2015 phablet that brings the December Android Security Update to the phone.

The new update is build NRD90M.N920GDDS3CQL4 for those keeping score at home and it is aimed at the unlocked variants of the Note 5.  It is a very small update, coming in at 17MB.  That means that this update is essentially only the December Android Security Update.

Despite its age, Samsung has done a good job of keeping the Galaxy Note 5 ticking even if they more-or-less had to do so.  With the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7, the Note 5 was pressed further than expected.  Samsung has committed to keeping the Note 5 updated throughout this year but it is likely that come early 2018, that will end.  With the successful Note 8 now out, the desire to keep the Note 5 updated will wain within Samsung.

If you have an unlocked Note 5, you can manually check for the update in the device’s settings.  Given the small size of the update, you could easily download it on your 4G connection or can do it on WiFi.  All in, the update will take about 5 minutes to install and you will need to reboot your phone afterwards.

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