Chrome OS Dev Channel Updated to Chrome 65

For developers and for those who like a good bug hunt, the Chromium team within Google has released a new build to the Chrome OS Dev channel.  The Dev channel is really aimed only at developers to give a sneak peak into what will be coming up.  In this case, it is the first build based on Chrome 65.  It is build 65.0.3322.0 (Platform version: 10315.0.0).

For those that aren’t familiar with the different Chrome OS channels, the Dev channel is essentially the alpha channel.  This can be a really rough experience with lots of weird behavior and bugs.  It is aimed at developers and those who like serious bug hunting to see what is coming up in the platform.  This channel is not recommended for daily use on your daily driver Chromebook.

The release notes for this new build are pretty vague as to what is included in the build other than bug and security fixes.  It is likely we will see some other things pop up as developers get time to dive into the build and sort out what is new.

If you want to change your channel on your Chromebook, you can do so in the About page in Settings.  The fastest way to get there is to type chrome://help in the browser then click on About Chrome OS.  Again, unless you are a developer, I highly recommend you not switch to this channel.

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