Google Assistant Gains Dozens of New Partner Integrations

Google has quietly done a bit of updating to the Google Assistant Partner site as well as pushing an update of integration options to the Google Home app.  The app update is a cloud-side change so as long as you have the latest version, you’ll be able to see the expanded list when you go to add a new device.

The additional partners range from everything from electric car charging, to lights and switches, to sprinkler control systems.  Some of the new integrations on the list aren’t exactly new – some have been in play for a few months – but Google just now got around to updating the official listing to let everyone know about them.

Among the new Google Assistant integrations you will find:

  • automationBridge
  • Bond Home
  • Danale Smart Life
  • EufyHome
  • Hiu Smart Home
  • GE Lighting
  • Intelligent Home by Connected Design
  • Smanos
  • Lux Products

With the expansion of integrations into Assistant, it means more common and not-so common apps and services now work with your Google Home.  That is great to see because it gives consumers choices.  When you head over to the support page outlining the new integrations, you probably won’t recognize all of them but Google has provided a link to each so you can check out what they offer.


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