Google Flights Now Predicts Flight Delays and Explains Basic Economy

Google has rolled out some cloud-side updates to their site, Google Flights.  The updates bring some clearer information about the new Basic Economy fare from United, American and Delta, as well as providing flight delay predictions based on historical data.

Basic Economy is something new for United, American, and Delta.  It is a very stripped down fare where everything is an extra charge, including bringing carry-on luggage with some of the carriers.  While great for those on a budget, these extra fees can rack up quickly if you aren’t careful.  Flights now gives you information on what is restricted when you are looking up potential flights on Basic Economy.  This is to help you avoid excess fees and to make an informed purchase.

Google is also applying Machine Learning to Google Flights with predictions on when flights will be delayed.  Based on historical information, Flights will now give you a prediction on if your flight will be delayed and will only present the prediction if the models are 80% confident it will happen.  Flights already tells you if the flight is actually delayed but this gives you some pre-warning to be prepared for the likely potential of a flight being delayed when it shows on time.

Basic Economy in Google Flights

Basic Economy in Google Flights

As a user of Flights, there is nothing you have to do.  Just continue to go to as you normally do and the new information will be there for you.


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