Google Pay Adds 80 New Financial Institutions to Kick Off 2018

If there were doubts in your mind about the growth of Google Pay, formerly Android Pay, halting in the new year, rest easy.  Kicking off 2018 right, the pay service from Google added 80 new institutions today to the roster that support the service with their debit and credit cards.  With these new additions, there are now a whopping 1,196 banks and credit unions that support Google Pay.

The new additions, as has been the case for a while now under the Android Pay moniker, are mostly regional and local institutions.  The big national banks supported the service in the early days.

Here are a few of the new institutions that are supported as of today but certainly is not the complete list.

  • Act 1st Federal Credit Union
  • Adirondack Trust Company
  • Johns Hopkins FCU
  • Illinois Educators Credit Union
  • Houston Federal Credit Union
  • Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan Association of Lancaster
  • State Highway Patrol FCU

For the complete list, you can go over to the Google Pay site.  My suggestion is to search the page (Cntrl+F or Command+F) for the name of your institution.

Finally, as I always put on these updates to the service, remember that Apple and Google use the same technology on their NFC payments at retailers.  That means, if you see a sticker for Apple Pay, Google Pay will work too.

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