Google Releases The January Android Security Update Patches

Google has released the January 2018 Android Security Update patches for the Google Nexus and Pixel lineup of devices.  Normally the patches are released on the first Monday of the first full week in any given month.  Given that yesterday was New Years Day and a holiday, it was delayed until today.

Like previous Android Security Update patches, there are two that have been released.  The first patch is dated January 1 and primarily focuses on core Android fixes and addressing security vulnerabilities.  In this patch there are a total of 20 fixes included, four of which are considered critical fixes.

The second patch, dated January 5, is more device specific driver fixes that are mostly aimed at the Nexus and Pixel lineup.  Google devices will be getting the January 5th patch.  This patch contains a total of 18 fixes with one of them being marked as critical.

Here are the build numbers for the Google Nexus and Pixel devices.

  • Pixel 2:  OPM1.171019.013 (.014 for O2/UK)
  • Pixel 2 XL:  OPM1.171019.013 (.014 for O2/UK)
  • Pixel:  OPM1.171019.012 (.014 for O2/UK)
  • Pixel XL:  OPM1.171019.012 (.014 for O2/UK)
  • Pixel C:  OPM1.171019.015
  • Nexus 6P:  OPM3.171019.013
  • Nexus 5X:  OPM3.171019.013

The OTA images and the Factor images for this month’s Android Security Update are now available if you want to side load them onto your appropriate devices.  For those who don’t want to be fussed, you can expect the OTA updates to start rolling out as soon as today with it taking a week or two before everyone gets updated.

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