HTC U11 on Sprint To Get Updated to Android Oreo Starting Tomorrow

Good news for those of you who have the HTC U11 on Sprint here in the United States.  The Android Oreo update for the phone will start rolling out tomorrow according to HTC’s Mo Versi.

This announcement follows up the November 2017 release of the build for the unlocked variant of the phone.

Owners of the U11 can go to Settings>About>Software Updates and check for the update there.  It is likely going to take several days before it is available for everyone’s device so patience will be needed.  You’ve waited this long, right?

As for the size of the update, I’ve not received confirmation on that yet but based on the size of the Oreo update for other devices, you can expect something in the neighborhood of a 1.3GB download.  That was the size of the update of the unlocked variant.

HTC has already rolled out the Android Oreo to the U11 Life here in the US and the HTC 10.  The Taiwanese company has been very clear about their upgrade intents around Oreo and it is good to see them following through, even on carrier locked devices.

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