Essential Phone Now Available in Three Limited Edition Colors

Essential teased on Tuesday via Twitter than a new color for the Essential Phone was going to be available starting today.  That color, Ocean Depths, has arrived.  The teal blue with gold highlights version of the PH-1 has the exact same internals as the current Black Moon and Pure White versions but you get what is a pretty stunning looking color combo to set you, and your phone apart.

The new Ocean Depths color is available starting today.  It is exclusively available through the Essentials site and costs $599, $100 more than the standard color models.  In addition to this new color, two more were announced today and will be available starting next week.

The new Stellar Gray, a matte black finish with black highlights, will be available starting February 20th.  The Copper Black variant will be available a couple of days later on February 22nd.  Regardless of which one you chose, they will be $599, the same as the Ocean Depths variant.

Personally, I love the look of the Copper Black and if I were going to pick up one of these, that would be the color for me.

Essential Phone Copper Black

Essential Phone Copper Black

As with any limited edition color, the question you have to ask is if it is worth the extra money for it?  That’s purely a personal decision but if you are going to pop for one, these colors look amazing.

To get more details, head over to the Essential site.

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