Google Cloud Platform Montreal Region Now Available

Just days after opening the new Netherlands region for Google Cloud Platform, the new Montreal region is now open to customers.  The new data center joins Oregon, Iowa, South Carolina and Northern Virginia in North America as being available for apps, storage and compute needs.

The new Montreal region will offer all of the functionality of Google Cloud Platform with quick access to those in the region.  These areas include security, Big Data, Compute, storage and network.

The addition of this new region, and the continued growth of GCP in general, is aimed to keep latency at bay as you use the service.  Simply put, the closer the service region is to you, the less latency you will have meaning apps and services will perform better for you & your organization.

The new region is part of a larger growth plan Google has for GCP and their data backhaul.  This plan includes new undersea cables as well as more data centers to help more developers around the world access the platform for their app and data needs.

If you are interested in some of the services that are available from GCP, contact your Google technical partner for more details and information on what services are available and their costs.  For general information on the platform and what it can offer, head to the Goggle Cloud Computing site to get the details.

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