Google Investigating Battery Drain Issues With The Pixel 2 Lineup

Google is in the process of researching a new bug that is impacting Pixel 2 owners where rapid battery draining is occurring.  So far the Mountain View company hasn’t pinpointed the cause of the problem, which is not impacting all users.

A thread in the Google Product Forums, in the Pixel community, has been ongoing, particularly since the release of the February Android Security Update.  That appears to be when the issue began for several users although Google, right now at least, cannot find a correlation between the two, according to a source at 9to5Google.

The issue is challenging in that it is only impacting the Pixel 2 and the XL variant and not the original Pixel series. Further complicating the matter is that not every user is experiencing the issue.  The fact it is not a blanket issue for everyone makes it just that much harder to find the source.

If you are having a battery drain issue with your Pixel 2 series phone, you are encouraged to post and follow the thread in the Product Forums.  Google has indicated that they are reaching out to users privately to get further data on the problem as their investigation continues.  Given that there is no definitive answer as to what is causing the issue, it could still be several more weeks before there is a resolution.  In other words, don’t expect it to be resolved when the March Android Security Update patches are released next week.


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