Minor Update Lands in The Chrome OS Stable Channel

A small, incremental update to Chrome OS has been released that should be landing on everyone’s devices over the course of the next week or so.  The new version remains in the Chrome 64 train and is build 64.0.3282.144 (Platform version: 10176.68.0).

The release notes on this new build are pretty limited, indicating that it addresses several bug and security issues with the first Chrome 64 build released for Chrome OS earlier this month.  To check if the update is available for your system, type chrome://help in the browser bar and check for the update.  The release notes do indicate that systems with Android app support won’t see it for another few days yet.

These mid-stream updates to Chrome OS are quite common and it isn’t out of the question that we will see another one some time this month prior to Chrome 65 being upgraded to the Stable channel.  The Chromium team within Google is constantly at work to solve issues, along with the help of independent developers who aid in the “bug hunt” process.

That said, when you do get this new build, don’t expect to find any new features or functionality.  All of that came in the first build and this is more-or-less a tidy it up build.

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