Nokia 8 Update Brings The February Android Security Update Patch

Owners of the Nokia 8 will want to start checking for an update on the device today.  HMD Global, the parent company of Nokia, has released a new update that bringing the recently released February Android Security Update patch to the device.  The update is 86.9MB in size, so it is quite small and indicates that essentially it is the security patch a little else for the Nokia 8.

If you have a Nokia 8, you can check for the update by going to Settings>Other>Software Update on the phone.  It has just been released so it may take a day or two before it hits all devices.

The rapid release of the February Android Security update for the phone is another example of Nokia’s efforts to keep their phone lineup secure and up-to-date.  On the 8, they have beaten Google themselves on releasing the update for the Pixel devices and only trail Essential, who got their update out for the Essential Phone the day after the security patches were released.

As readers likely know, the 8 was never released in the US market but the international variant of the phone can be purchased through Amazon.  You just have to make sure that it will work with your GSM carrier here in the States before you purchase it.

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