Android Commit Hides Sensitive Numbers Hidden in Call Logs

Two new commits in the Android AOSP (Android Open Source Project) code review suggest that native hiding of sensitive numbers is coming to the platform.  Most often these numbers are to report domestic violence where the victim would not want their perpetrator to find a call to such a number in their call log.

The two commits hand two specific elements of sensitive numbers.  First, the special numbers would not be logged at all by being masked.  The second commit refers to a new XML file that is required to assure that these numbers are not logged and that they comply with local laws as well as dealing with roaming and multiple SIM devices.  Essentially the two methods achieve the same goal, it is a matter of how AOSP wants to implement it into Android.

Many countries in the world require that sensitive numbers to domestic abuse hotlines, suicide hotlines, and other crisis numbers be hidden from users phone bills.  Having them hidden in the call log on the device itself is another layer of protection for victims or for those who want to seek counseling privately.  The hiding of these numbers is required throughout the European Union today.

There is no firm timeline on when these will actually be implemented into Android but, given that it is the very early days of Android P, it is certainly possible we will see it this year.


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