Android Oreo Beta Program Opens for the Honor 7X

Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor, has announced on Twitter that a beta program has opened up for Honor 7X owners to test the company’s Android Oreo build.  The new build is EMUI 8, Huawei’s variant of Oreo.

In order to apply to the beta program, you have to fill out this Google Form with your information.

Once you have completed the form and submitted it, you are essentially put into a lottery where you may be selected to run the Oreo build on your Honor 7X.  Not everyone who applies will be accepted so don’t get your hopes too high.  Further, remember that this is a beta build and while EMUI 8 is out on some of the Huawei devices, behaviors could be different on the 7X – thus a beta program.

The 7X has been a solid mid-range phone in the US market for several months now and when it was released, it surprisingly came with Android Nougat.  Honor indicated the phone would eventually get an Oreo update but the timelines were not very clear.  They still aren’t 100% clear but with the beta, it should be sometime between now and Summer.

If you want to pick up a Honor 7X, you can get one for $199 right now on Amazon.

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