Download The Default Wallpapers for The Upcoming Huawei P20

While we are still a couple of weeks away from the official announcement of the Huawei P20, the follow up to last year’s awesome P10, we pretty much know everything there is to know about it.  Now, thanks to the folks at XDA, we also have all of the wallpapers that are going to be coming on the new phone.

In all, there are 12 wallpapers that will ship with the P20.  All are 1080 x 2160 in size which is an 18:9 ratio.  That doesn’t mean however you can’t use them on any phone with a bit of pinch-and-pull resizing on your screen.  I’ve added all of the wallpapers to this post in thumbnails as well as to the Wallpaper page here on the site.  To save those who aren’t interested, I’ve put them after the break so they don’t have to download them.

While the images below are thumbnails, if you right-click to save them, you will get the full size image downloaded.

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 12

Wallpaper 12

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 11

Wallpaper 11

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 10

Wallpaper 10

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 7

Wallpaper 7

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 8

Wallpaper 8

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 9

Wallpaper 9

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 6

Wallpaper 6

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 4

Wallpaper 4

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 5

Wallpaper 5

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 3

Wallpaper 3

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 1

Wallpaper 1

Huawei P20 Wallpaper 2

Wallpaper 2

Personally, I’ve always thought that Huawei has had some of the best wallpapers for their devices and these are no exception.

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