Download the Exclusive Pixel 2 Come & Play Wallpapers

When the Google Pixel 2 lineup was released, a series of “Come & Play” wallpapers were made available to the those devices exclusively.  Consisting of 5 wallpapers in all, they are colorful, playful wallpapers that bring a mix of organic shapes and Material Design.

Now, you can download all of the wallpapers for your particular phone.  I’ve added the five wallpapers to the Wallpapers page here on the site as well as to this post.  As usual, I’ve added them after the break so for those of you who aren’t interested, you don’t have to wait for them to download on the main page.

All five of the wallpapers are 2880 x 2560 in size so they will work on just about anything – phones, tablets, Chromebooks, etc.  To download these wallpapers that came from the Pixel 2, just right click the one you want and save it to your computer.  You can then sync it to your phone or tablet (I suggest just saving it in Google Drive to do this) and then add it as your wallpaper for your devices.

Source:  Phone Arena

Google Pixel 2 Sunny Side Up Come & Play

Sunny Side Up Come & Play

Google Pixel 2 Bubble Gum Come & Play

Bubble Gum Come & Play

Google Pixel 2 Hide & Seek Come & Play

Hide & Seek Come & Play

Google Pixel 2 Pink Puzzle Come & Play

Pink Puzzle Come & Play

Google Pixel 2 Hoops Come & Play

Hoops Come & Play


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