Google Play Music Gets Shuffle and Next Track Preview on Wear OS

For those of you who like to control their music from their Wear OS watch, today is a good day for you.  The Wear OS team, via the product forums, has announced that new features have rolled out to the Wear version of the Google Play Music app that allows for things like Shuffling music and previewing the next track to be played.

The new features impact the Google Play Music app that is installed on Wear OS devices and is rolling out now.  When you get the update (likely you already have you will be able to slide up when music is playing and enable a Shuffle feature on the playlist or album that you are listening to at the time.  Further, you will be able to swipe to see which track is next so you can decide if you want to play it or skip it.

For those of you who may not use Play Music on Wear OS, keep in mind that it is an app, not just an extension of the app on your phone.  What this means is that you can download music to your watch and listen to it directly from your watch.  That’s why the new download indicator in this update is important.  You can now see which songs you have in your library that you can download directly to your watch.


All-in-all, this is a great update for those who like playing or controlling Play Music from their watches.  The update has already rolled out now so you likely already have it installed.

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