AT&T Releases The Oreo Update for the Galaxy S8 Active

Give credit where it is due:  AT&T is on a roll right now.  The US carrier was the first to release the Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 last month and now have become the first to release it for the Galaxy S8 Active.  The update has been released but as is often the case, it will be slow rolling out to everyone so give it a few days.

The update is R16NW.G892AUCU2BRC5 for those keeping score at home and it is about 1.2GB in size.  That means you will want to make sure you are connected to WiFi to download it from AT&T.

Functionally, you are pretty much getting the same build that was released for the regular Galaxy S8.  That is, you will get Oreo, the March Android Security Update patch, and the Samsung Experience 9 update which brings several user enhancements to the device.  If anything else is included, it isn’t clear just yet.  AT&T has not updated the software update page for the Galaxy S8 Active yet this morning so we don’t have release note details just yet.

If you have a S8 Active on AT&T, you can check for the update on your phone under Settings>Software Update but don’t be surprised if it takes a day or two to get to everyone.  As for those of you with a S8 Active on T-Mobile & Sprint, you will have to wait a bit yet but given the pace at which all of the carriers have been pumping out Oreo updates these past few weeks, it likely isn’t much of a long wait.


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