Chrome OS Hardware Commit Points to a 4K Resolution Chromebook

A new commit in the Chrome OS hardware Gerrit points to something quite exciting for Chromebook users:  A 4K resolution device.  The new commit points to a device that is codenamed “Atlas” and it supports a native resolution of 3840 x 1260.  When “Atlas” makes it to the market, it will be the first device to support native 4K.

Right now, a resolution of 2400 x 1600 is the highest resolution support.  That is supported on a number of devices including Google’s own Pixelbook.  Bumping things up to 4K however would make Chrome OS a viable video streaming source and would give users maximum visual real estate when they connect it up to a 4K monitor.

As to the “Atlas” device itself, virtually nothing is known about it.  The commit indicates that it will not have a SD card reader which isn’t shocking as that has been dropped off most of the mid-range to top end Chromebooks over the past year and a bit.  But as far as the rest of the details like processor, RAM and storage, it is a mystery.

Equally a mystery is when “Atlas” will make it to market.  It could be the first indicator of the next generation of the Pixelbook.  If that is indeed the case, we could see that in October of this year when the next generation of the Pixelbook is expected to be released.  But that is speculation.

As for now, the good news is that Chrome OS is going to get support for 4K resolution.  It is just a matter of when at this point.

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