Essential Phone Update Brings April Android Security Update Patch and Other Improvements

Essential has released a new update for the Essential Phone, bringing a handful of improvements to the flagship phone.  The new build is OPM1.180104.141 and it is already rolling out to owners.  With the roll out, the Essential Phone becomes one of the first phones to get the April Android Security Update patch outside of Google Pixel devices.  As you may recall, this month’s security patch had a huge number of patches so it is good to see it already rolling out to non-Google branded devices.  And, frankly, Essential is always great at getting these updates quickly.

Along with the security patch, Bluetooth 5.0 is finally supported on the PH-1.  The hardware has been there all along but the software stack didn’t support it.  Now it does so you will get all the benefits of that on your phone now too.

For those who like to use external game controllers, this update will also improve the performance and stability of those controllers when connected to your phone.  Essential has also included overall performance improvements in this update.

Although it got off to a rocky start, the Essential Phone has been one of the most celebrated phones of 2017.  It is still a powerhouse of a phone and with a price of $499 for a phone with 128GB of storage, you can hardly go wrong.

If you have a PH-1, be sure to check for the update on your phone.  Chances are it is ready for you to download.

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