Google Tasks is Google’s New Standalone Task Management App

Google has finally released a standalone task management app.  A round of applause please….  Google Tasks is a new app for both Android and iOS that allows you to create and management your tasks that formerly, you could only get to from Google Calendar.  The app, though, doesn’t remove your tasks from Calendar but instead, provides you a way to management without having to dive into Calendar itself.

The new app has been rumored for a while and was leaked a few weeks ago but there wasn’t much information on it until it was released today.  The new app is a beautiful example of Material Design and makes task management easy.

Google has been facing a lot of pressure from users both of GSuite and consumers to get a task management app out there.  To this point, adding tasks could only be done from the Google Calendar web app which was cumbersome at best.  Now with the new Google Tasks app, you have the option to do it in a clutter free way and triage those tasks in a more simplified and efficient manner.

As Google tends to do, Tasks has been released for both Android and iOS and both are available now.

Google Tasks for iOS

Google Tasks for iOS

You can find the app in the Play Store and App Store now and all you need is your Google account (Gmail address) to get going on it.  Oh, and it is free of course.

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