Original Google Pixel Lineup removed From The Google Store

It is a day that everyone knew was coming.  Today the Google Store stopped selling the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL.  Not only was it removed from the main store, but it was also removed from the phone options list for Project Fi, Google’s MVNO.

The 2016 Pixel phones were breakthrough devices in many ways, bringing a completely reimagined launcher, a stunningly good camera (rated the best at the time of its release) and, of course, all the pure Android goodness that Google intended.

The demise of the Pixel and Pixel XL online shouldn’t come as a big shock.  Google is clearly pushing forward with the Pixel 2 lineup with their extended support of 3 years instead of the 2 that came with the original series.  That means both the Pixel 2 devices will get upgraded all the way to Android R before the curtain closes on them.  As for the original Pixel’s, Android P will be the final major build available for those devices.  Further, we will see the new Pixel 3 series later this year with the current 2’s taking the backseat just as the original Pixels did this year.

If you are still wanting to get an original Pixel, you can pick one up on Amazon for  $399.

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