Pixel 2 Preferred Care Coverage Extended to 30 Months

Google has extended the length of time your Pixel 2 and 2 XL will be covered under their optional Preferred Care program.  The Preferred Care program is an add-on purchase to the phones that protects them against accidental damage.  Previously this 24 months of coverage, the same as the hardware warranty that comes with the devices.  Now you get coverage for an additional 6 months, 30 months in total.

Preferred Care also brings you six months of mechanical failure for 6 months after the main warranty has ended for the phone in addition to the accidental damage coverage.

The move is the latest in Google’s attempt to give buyers peace of mind about purchasing a Pixel 2 or 2 XL.  The phones are guaranteed to receive up to the Android R release already and have a 24 months warranty, far greater than the majority of device manufactures out there.  By extended the Preferred Care program to 30 months of coverage, it becomes a true extended warranty as well as accidental damage protection.

If you are considering one of these phones (it is also available on the Pixelbook), you will need to purchase your phone through the Google Store or Project Fi and add it to your phone at the time of purchase.

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