The All-New Look to Gmail Begins Rolling Out

After being leaked a few weeks back, the new looking Gmail UI is now rolling out to everyone.  It will take a few weeks to get to everyone out there but when you do get it, there will be the option under Settings to try the new Gmail out and use it on the web and on the mobile apps.

The update brings a refresh to a product that has needed it for a long while.  Gmail’s UI fundamentally hasn’t changed in years and this update brings a more Material Design look to it as well as several advanced features like Smart Replies and the ability to snooze emails to handle them later.

Gmail brings a lot of features in from Google’s other mail app, Inbox, and there are rightfully so many questions on the future of that product.  Things like Smart Replies were groundbreaking when they rolled out in Inbox but with Gmail now being on par with it, it is unclear if Google will continue to develop it.

New Gmail UI

Along with Smart Replies and snoozing of emails, there are also the ability to set high priority notifications in the Android app and spam or risky email is identified more clearly in the new UI.  All-in-all, it is an excellent update that brings the mail service a more modern look and feel.  It also pairs up well with Google Calendar which was updated last year.

To see if your account has the update available, go to the Gear icon in Gmail on the web and look for “Try the new Gmail”.  Again, not everyone is seeing it yet as it just started rolling out (I don’t have it yet) but it will eventually get to everyone over the coming days.

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