Third Chrome 66 Build of the Chrome for Android Beta App Released

A third, and very likely the last for this train, update has come to the Chrome for Android Beta app in the Play Store.  The update brings a new build of Chrome 66 to the app, build 66.0.3359.106.  As readers likely know by now, the Chrome for Android Beta app is a separate download from the stable Chrome app and can be installed at the same time so you can see and try out the new look and features.

The update will likely be the last as the stable version of Chrome is slated to be updated tomorrow, April 17th.  It is also possible that this .106 build will be the build that makes it to the stable build assuming that there aren’t any major bugs found in this late stage.

In reviewing the log of changes for the update, most of the efforts have been working on polishing features and eliminating bugs in the build.  There aren’t any new late entries of features that I could find in the logs.  Keep in mind that Chrome 66 will bring a more Material Design look to the browser as highlighted a few weeks ago.

If you want to download the Beta version of Chrome for Android, you can do so in the Play Store.




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