Gmail for iOS Update Brings Mail Snoozing and Sending Money With Google Pay

Gmail for iOS has a new update rolling out in the App Store, bringing with it two key new features in tow.  The new build, version 5.0.180422 for those keeping score at home, brings the ability to snooze emails along with sending money to contacts via Google Pay.

The ability to snooze emails is a new feature to Gmail in general, having arrived in the new user experience for the mail service online as well as in the Android app.  It allows you to select a day and time when you want to respond to an email.

By giving you the ability to snooze and email in Gmail for iOS, you can have better control of your time and your inbox – or so the theory goes.

Snooze Email Options in Gmail for iOS

Snooze Email Options in Gmail for iOS

Secondly, this update to Gmail also gives you the ability to send email to a contact via Google Pay.  To do so, just reply to an email and then tap on the attachment icon (the paperclip).  You will see the option to both send and request funds from the person you are emailing.  So long as they have an email address, the feature will work.

These two new features to Gmail bring the iOS version in line with the features that have been in Android for a few weeks now which is great to see.

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