Gmail Smart Compose Now Live as an Experimental Feature

The new Gmail Smart Compose feature that was announced at Google I/O earlier this week has now gone live as an experimental feature in the new user experience for the service.  Once enabled, you will be able to use Smart Compose as you write emails and can use the suggested text of the email by simply tapping the tab button on your keyboard.

The feature is aimed to make writing emails faster and Google is using AI to look at the content of the email to determine what to suggest next.  It is similar to the Smart Replies found in other Google products, only it is more real time.  To enable it, go to Settings>General in the new Gmail experience and enable Experimental access.  Save your settings and then start composing an email.  You will see the Smart Compose option start providing suggestions as you type your new email.

The feature appears to only work in the new experience that Google is rolling out so if you are using the old UI, you will have to switch to the new one to use it.

GMail Smart Compose

GMail Smart Compose

Having experimented with the new feature this morning, it works well and is actually far more intelligent than I expected it to be on the first few tries.  It certainly has sped up my email composition, especially on replies.

Check it out!

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