Google Changing The OEM Agreement for Android to Require Regular Security Updates

Google is taking another step forward when it comes to manufactures and Android security updates.  In a session at Google I/O this week, the company indicated that changes would be coming soon to the OEM agreement for Android, requiring more regular security updates.  While the exact details weren’t laid out in the session nor what is meant by “regular”, it is clear that Google is trying to make sure that manufactures keep devices up to date with the latest security updates.

This also, in a roundabout way, would encourage manufactures to offer the latest versions of Android as the security updates are regular on the new versions.

How this all is to play out is not clear but you can watch the session on YouTube below.  You’ll also hear that if manufactures use Treble, which is built into Oreo and will be a key part of Android P, this updating process will be far easier for manufactures.

Undoubtedly this will take time to roll out and get implemented but it is encouraging to see Google acknowledge that something needs to be done about devices not being secure.  By requiring manufactures to offer regular security updates on Android, it ultimately is better for the customer but also for the platform as a whole.

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