Google Assistant on Google Home Now Can Handle Three Commands at Once

Google Assistant has a nice update rolling out to it that allows for you to give it three commands at once when interacting on your Google Home.  The change falls in line with some of the announcements at Google I/O last month, including requiring less verbiage to make things happen.

A few weeks back, the ability to give Google Assistant two commands rolled out but it still required a lot of words to make happen.  For example, you could say, “Hey Google, turn on my office lamp and turn on the kitchen lights” and it would do so.  Now, however, you can cut that phrasing down to “Hey Google, turn on my office lamp and the kitchen lights”.

Now you can string three commands together at once.  “Hey Google, turn on my office lamp and the kitchen lights and play Rush on Google Play Music” as an example.  The idea is to allow Assistant to do multiple things without having to issue multiple “Hey Google” commands and to interact in a more natural language way with it.

Right now the feature only works on Google Home and in English language variants.  It is also a cloud-side update so it may not have reached your account just yet.  If you aren’t able to issue multiple commands, just give it a few days as it is just a matter of when you get it.

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