Google Confirms Pixel 2 XL Wake Up Delays After June Android Security Update

If your Pixel 2 XL seems to have slowed down on wake-up after the June Android Security Update, you are not alone.  Yesterday Google confirmed that a bug, which was likely introduced with the update, has caused devices to take 1-3 seconds to wake up after the power button is pressed or the fingerprint scanner is used.  They also identified that the issue only impacts Pixel 2 XLs that have had the Ambient Display is disabled in Settings.

The work around to the problem is to turn the Ambient Display setting to Always On until Google can roll out a patch to fix the issue.

If you already have the Ambient Display set to Always On, you likely haven’t been impacted.  If you have, however, be sure to follow up in the forums linked above so it can be tracked.

For the sake of clarity, Google confirmed the issue but did not confirm the cause.  However, multiple users within the forum have indicated that the problem began after the June security update so all indicators are pointing to that patch as being the issue.  Google has confirmed that an update to fix the issue will be rolling out in the coming weeks but no specific date was provided.

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