HP Chromebook X2 Gains Linux Support in The Chrome OS Canary Channel

Right now your choices for Chromebooks that support Linux are pretty limited.  The Google Pixelbook and the Samsung Chrome Plus have been the first devices to support it.  Today however, the team over at XDA has discovered that the new HP Chromebook X2 is now supported.

Linux support on the X2 is limited to the Chrome OS Canary Channel.  For those that aren’t familiar with Chrome OS’ channels, the Canary Channel is pre-alpha essentially with a lot of experimentation (and thus crashes) going on.  It is not for the faint of heart and indeed you have to bypass a lot of the platforms security mechanisms to get to it.  But if you really want to go there, you can and can try out Linux on the X2.

Right now support for Linux even on the supporting devices is pretty limited and it is really aimed at developers.  The Linux project itself is still in development so there are things simply not there like GPU acceleration as an example.  But as a coding platform, it is coming along quite nicely.  With the HP Chromebook X2, the question is if it is solid enough to be a coding platform given it has 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.  It is a bit of a stretch for the device but it is the first detachable to be supported with Project Crostini from Google.


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